Naish Hover 127

Naish has seven different foil decks to choose from in their Hover Series of boards and the 127 is the second-to-smallest and a sweet shape for the more advanced level riders. Riding with a smaller board like this makes it easier for water starting without straps. The thin, and in this case, nicely rounded rail sinks into the water easily when the board is tipped on its side at take-off. The Hover 127 is a minimalist design that is constructed using a CNC, closed-cell foam core that’s wrapped in high tensile fiberglass and finished with a high gloss coat. Fairly lightweight and durable, this deck was one of the favorites of the group for its overall size, feel and compact shape. The deck is comfortable and the overall stiffness makes it nicely reactive to rider input. The ten-inch track system also lets any rider tune their foil mount position, for the preferred amount of lift and foot pressure. The small amounts of flip in the nose reduce the chance of nose catches on touch downs when coming off a foil. Great for traveling with its small and thin design it won’t take up as much a space in your board bag.

2019 Head-to-Head Surf Foil Reviews