Just launched: the new RS V7 – Limitless Freeride Performance

Designed with ‘one-kite-fits-all’ versatility, the new RS V7 has limitless freeride performance.
Packed with nifty features, the RS will tame any storm, boost massive airs, and master any
kite spot.

Design Notes:
Version 7 has exceptional efficiency with a revised profile for even better low-end
performance and ease of use. Its aerodynamic design has extraordinary capabilities allowing
you to minimise your quiver by maximising your wind cover.
The design features a medium to high aspect ratio that adds grunt and power, yet the load
distribution is protected, even over time. The frame construction supports the canopy for
extra stability, making it accessible to riders of all levels.

With smooth power generation and light turning initiation, the RS has an ultra-direct feel.
Fast flight and turning characteristics also allow the RS to be quick in response to all
disciplines, giving it limitless riding potential.

Dynamic speed, bags of hangtime and thrilling forward momentum make the RS kite truly
stand out. Even when chasing waves or popping freestyle tricks, the RS delivers high
performance and swiftly travels upwind no matter the gusts or how choppy the water.
The new RS is an all-round powerhouse getting freeriders stoked in seconds.