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Eleveight WS V6 Review

Brand: Eleveight

Kite Model: WS V6

Sizes Tested(m): 9, 11                                     

Sizes Available(m): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11

Control System: CS Vary Bar


Quick and reactive response with smooth pull and light touch steering the WS is built for riding in the waves but with easy handling it’s great for learning new skills in any discipline and across skill levels. 


The WS model kite is a solid performer in the wave and progression freeride realm and elevates its game in 2023 with some major tweaks to the bridles and wingtip shape. Version number six of the WS has all the right handling prowess that the modern wave or foil rider should look for. The WS is a well-balanced kite that feels light and crisp in the air and responds to rider input with quick and reactive pivotal turns. Built with high-quality construction techniques and top-of-the-line materials, Eleveight worked in some weight savings for this year’s kite lineup with lighter PU bladders as well as a reduction in Dacron in the trailing edge. The WS shows improved balance with better low-end power delivery than previous versions. New for this year, the WS also has a pulley-free bridle system that also offers a more direct feel through the bar. The more squared-off wingtip shape redesign has also aided in the WS’s revised feel and smoother and more consistent pull through the pivotal turns. Built using some top construction techniques and materials, the WS is built to withstand the additional punishment and abuse of crashing waves or learning new foiling skills that mean more wipeouts and more kite relaunching. When riding waves or learning new kite skills, it’s always essential to have a kite that can relaunch quickly. The WS also has nice depower that comes on in short order and floats well when the lines slacken. The controlled power is well suited to getting the rider into the wave pocket and killing the power for some wave rides and hard off the lip tail smacks. When the pull and power is needed, the WS  comes alive and distributes quick and reactive turn initiation with nice low but consistent pull throughout the entire pivot. The WS also steers nicely with one hand for toe side riding which makes it a great kite on the wave but also perfect for lighter wind, freeride and foil pursuits.  The 11 and 9 meter we tried are also great for learning with, with quick relaunch and lots of easy depower.


Some feel that a wave designed kite can deter some users that don’t ride in waves, but this is a versatile kite that excels at many disciplines. 


Wave riders and any level that wants an easy handling, easy relaunching kite for learning new board riding skills. 

Control System: CS Vary Plus

The CS Vary Plus bar checks all the boxes to keep in good pace with the industry’s top control systems. Since its arrival in the industry, Eleveight hasn’t missed a step in keeping up with the latest demands in kite and control system performance. Their CS Vary Plus bar is equipped with a single click-in style, quick release trim loop and features a smooth working, easy to adjust trim line. With streamlined EVA bar floats and a new PU covered center line the CS Vary Plus is a solid bar that works well with all of Eleveight’s quality kite models. Unlike a lot of other bars, that use very thick and hollowed-out center line depower, the coated PU line spectra provides smooth sheeting action with less weight and chunkiness, for easy wrap-up after a quality session.       


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