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Eleveight RS V7 Review – Freeride Crossover

Size Tested: 12m

Sizes Available: 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 17

Synopsis: The biggest jumping 3 strut kite of all time! The current Woo record holder @stijnkoster jumped 35.8m (117.5 ft) high on the 7m. The Eleveight RS V7 Freeride Crossover is an embodiment of versatility and limitless freeride performance. True to its ‘one-kite-fits-all’ mantra, it showcases exceptional adaptability to all riding styles, making it a favorite among a broad spectrum of kiteboarders.

Likes: The Kitesurfing Magazine test team found the Eleveight RS7 to be remarkably light in the hands, offering a nice boost with a wide range of power. With its precision freeride performance, this kite caters to various styles and skills, from beginners learning the ropes to seasoned riders seeking an exhilarating ride. The RS7 boasts an impressive wind range, particularly excelling in low-end capabilities, meaning riders can generate lots of power in less-than-ideal wind conditions. The kite’s stability is a standout feature, providing a direct and efficient experience in gusty conditions.  For advanced riders, the RS7 does not disappoint. It offers massive hangtime and effortless upwind ability. The fast, smooth turning characteristics make it a plug-and-play kite, easy to control, and responsive to rider commands. The RS7’s versatility is further reflected in its design. Version 7 sees enhanced efficiency with a revised profile for even better low-end performance. The kite’s aerodynamic delta-hybrid design is extraordinary, designed so that just two kites can cover the entire wind range. The construction features a medium to high aspect ratio and a significant angle of attack, adding power and grunt to your ride. The kite’s construction is robust but remains light in the hands and feels light in the air.  The three-strut frame structure supports the canopy for additional stability, making the RS7 accessible to riders of all levels. The RS7’s smooth power generation and light turning initiation have an ultra-direct feel. It boasts quick response times and unlimited riding potential thanks to its fast flight and turning characteristics. The RS7 truly stands out for its dynamic speed, significant hangtime, and forward momentum. Whether you’re chasing waves, popping freestyle tricks, or just enjoying a leisurely ride, the RS7 delivers high performance and swiftly travels upwind, regardless of gusts or choppy waters.

Drawbacks: During re-launch testing, we managed to wrap the bridle on a wingtip requiring us to flag the kite out on the safety line. The seatbelt-style quick connect had us back up and riding easily in under a minute. 

Best For: The Eleveight RS7 Freeride Crossover is an all-around powerhouse that gets free-riders stoked in seconds. It blends impressive performance with intuitive handling, making it an excellent choice for kiteboarders seeking to push the limits of their freeride experiences.

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