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Duotone Neo D/LAB Review

Brand: Duotone

Kite Model: Neo D/LAB

Sizes Tested(m): 7, 9, 12                                      

Sizes Available(m): 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Control Bar: Click Bar


The Ferrari of all wave kites combines unparalleled drift and smooth power with refined control that breaks new barriers in drift.


The Neo D/LAB is Duotone’s newest wave-focused model that incorporates the lightweight and reactive Aluula material in the leading edge and center strut. This new-age material helps to cut around 30 percent of the kite’s weight, making it ultra-light for enhanced riding in waves or lighter winds with a foil or any designated lighter wind board. Three years in development, the Neo D/LAB breaks new barriers in performance for riding waves in lighter winds and has increased wind range with better drift action and heightened reactivity across the size range. But it’s not just about the weight reduction; the Neo D/LAB with Aluula material in the frame makes kites so stiff and reactive that many of the traditionally constructed Neo design parameters had to be reworked. Some of these included the bridle configuration changes and the reduction in the diameter of the leading edge around the wingtips. Most visibly, the employment of the two flex struts. All of these elements have combined to help the Neo D/LAB break new barriers of handling. With more control and reactivity and smoother power delivery through the turns, the kite is both reactive and stiff but also able to twist properly when pivoting. The performance enhancements of the Neo D/LAB are quite unparalleled, especially for riding waves or while riding underpowered in lighter winds. Test riders were blown away by the quick and reactive handling even while completely depowered or under lighter wind conditions with low line tension. Any experienced kiters can attest that linking turns with a larger sized kite was never really that fun or feasible. But with the Neo D/LAB 11 or 12, the drift action combined with smooth power delivery and turning response; opens up the ability to session on waves in lighter winds. The Neo D/LAB also gets top marks for being a great jumping and all-around freeride kite with easy water relaunch and stable and predictable performance to help intermediate-level riders expand their skills to the next level. Any level of rider looking for the ultimate in tech designs with real performance advantages should consider putting a Neo D/LAB in their quiver. 


Sticker shock may ensue for some, but barrier-breaking performance comes with a price many will find worth every penny. 


Advanced to intermediate level kiters that want the ultimate wave kite or light wind specialty foil or wave kite for the most drift, reactive steering, control and wind range available. 

Control Bar: Duotone Click Bar

The Click Control Bar has all the advanced features of the top bars combined into a single control system plus it includes an internal trim system that lengthens the back lines with a click of a button located at the right side of the bar end. To reshorten the back lines, a half twist of the bar end winder gets your kite powered up. The visible window on bar shows exactly the trim level of depower tthe kite is at. The Click Bar also features the auto untwisting front lines during rotations and it also untwists the flagging line for additional safety. New for this season, Duotone has a new seatbelt style, click in Iron Heart VI quick release trim loop. This is also available with four different interchangeable kite loops for everything from the larger freestyle loop to the small rope spreader style for waves. With the adjustable V splitter on the front lines, the Click bar is compatible for any kite from low V style or with the high V style kites that need to be adjusted for different sizes.


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