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2024 Ocean Rodeo Gen  Flite A Series Review

Size Tested: 10 m


The Ocean Rodeo Gen 9 Flite A Series represents a significant advancement in kiteboarding technology, leading the charge in the Aluula material revolution. Recognized as the lightest five-strut kite on the market, this model combines user-friendly characteristics with exceptional performance features, making it a top choice for a broad spectrum of kiteboarders.

Ocean Rodeo Flight A-Series Review – Kitesurfing Magazine / Dave Marshall photo


The Flite A Series stands out for its incredible lift and hangtime, setting a high standard for the five strut, big air kites. Its design prioritizes ease of use, making it accessible for a wide range of skill levels, particularly benefiting intermediate riders looking to expand their bag of tricks into the bigger jumps with more hangtime. While it may not excel in aggressive looping compared to other kites in its class, the Flite compensates with an impressive wind range, reactive steering, and commendable drift capabilities. It has a large sweet spot that doesn’t take as much perfect timing or driving speed to generate some nice boosts making it more ideal for the progressing rider. The light Aluula frame lets it hang int the air in lighter and generate more of power in lighter winds, as well as give it quick and reactive response to steering input. The Flite A Series offers excellent low-end performance with its lightweight frame that also allows it to perform admirably in less-than-ideal wind conditions. Great range, easy handling and simple access to lots of lift and drift, the Flite A versatility is a significant asset, proving effective in wave riding and foil boarding alongside traditional freeride and big air disciplines.


The Flite A Series may not satisfy riders seeking an extremely aggressive looping kite, as it is designed with a more balanced approach to big air and freeride experiences. However, this does not detract from its overall performance and may only affect a small segment of the market looking for specialized kite looping equipment.


The Ocean Rodeo Gen 9 Flite A Series is an ideal choice for intermediate to advanced kiteboarders seeking a versatile and high-performing kite. It caters to those looking to push their limits in big air while enjoying the benefits of a kite that can adapt to wave riding and foil boarding. Its user-friendly nature also makes it a suitable option for those transitioning from beginner levels and looking to develop their skills further without moving directly to more aggressive models.

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