Duotone Juice D/LAB Review

Synopsis: The newest king of light air sessions, theDuotone  Juice D/LAB features new and unrivalled levels of low-end power, with quick and reactive steering for this size of kite. 

Likes: The new Duotone Juice D/LAB is incredibly light with a rigid and reactive frame that is built using all the highest technology materials and constructions developed in the Duotone lab. With the revolutionary Aluula fabric, the Juice D/LAB’S three strut frame makes it 30 per cent lighter, increasing power and efficiency and allows this kite to stay airborne in almost no wind. The test team was amazed at several performance aspects of this kite including how easily it could fly in sub-8-mile-per-hour wind but also the enhanced ability to water relaunch at the very bottom of this light wind threshold. The Juice D/LAB handling is also enhanced with the rigidity and responsiveness of the frame that is manipulated with a pulley free and ultra thin bridle system. The jumbo kites of the past were good at getting riders out on water in lighter winds, but their overall range and handling were compromised with lots of bar pressure and sluggish turning with heavy amounts of bar pressure. The Juice D/LAB takes it to the next level with quicker and responsive handling and smooth pivot turning that feels more like a standard 11 or 12 meter kite. The 13 meter Juice D/LAB was the favourite for light wind foil sessions, especially for some of the heavier weight test team members that couldn’t believe they were foiling in less than 8 miles-per-hour of wind. With its powerful pull but smooth and controllable drive the Juice D/LAB is also a fun kite to boost long floaty jumps with when the wind notches to a bristling 10 miles-per-hour or above. The Juice D/LAB also maintains its control and handling in the upper wind range. The Juice D/LAB is a light wind kite that can be used across the full range of kiteboarding disciplines from twintip freeride, to unhooked freestyle or ultra light wind foil sessions. This is the session saver of all session savers. The Juice D/LAB also drives up wind with nice efficiency which sets it apart from the jumbo light wind kites of yesterday. Overall, a new light wind master has emerged that should excite anyone that wants to increase their session count this season and hone some new skills on your favourite light wind board. 

Minus: The 13 and 15 meter are great for very light winds on any board, but it would be nice to have this model in an 11 for lighter and mid-sized weight foil riders. 

Best For: The Duotone Juice D/Lab is the ultimate light wind set up for kiters of any skill level or board discipline. In the lower winds with an emphasis on freeride twintip or ultra light wind foiling and heavier riders that are foiling.


The new light wind king! Duotone Juice D/LAb.

Duotone Juice D/Lab test profile.