2015 Airush Lithium Review

Brand:                        Airush
Kite Model:               Lithium
Sizes Tested(m):    12
Sizes Available(m):     5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16        

Test Review Synopsis:
The ideal all-rounder with good low end power and fun-loving performance.


2015 Airush Lithium


2015 Airush Lithium

The Good Stuff:
The Lithium always scores big in test results and for 2015 Airush designers added some minor tweaks and construction upgrades that advance its winning formula. It’s a versatile and easy-to-use kite that offers great stability and reliable performance. Test riders always point out the ease-of-use and reliable pull of the Lithium. It possesses an ideal blend of intuitive pull, direct steering and is one of the most stable sheet-in-and-go-style kite riding that’s easy to like and find instant comfort with. For anyone that’s trying to push their skills higher or trying new board skills like foil or directional board riding, the Lithium will provide the stability and reliability you need with no surprises. Its no-hassle performance suits a broad range of riding styles as it easily adapts everything from general freeride twintip blasting, to wave riding or other alternative directional boards. Lithium’s proven delta shape, provides a great combination of depower with good kite feedback and great stability that provides predictable and smooth steering. Test riders noted the Lithium’s crisper feel over last year’s model and with faster turn initiation and smoother pull through the loop. Its depower is a bit smoother this year as well. With some considerable trimming the Lithium can unhook but it’s not as comfortable as the more aggressive Varial X for more advanced manoeuvres. Any level of rider that wants reliable, sheet-and-go performance that can adapt to a wide range of conditions and disciplines should look to the Lithium as a top contender.

What Might Be Better: In the upper wind ranges, the kite can lose some handling performance.

Who Will Love It: Riders looking to progress skills with a kite that can offer hassle-free performance with easy access to all disciplines.