Tested: NORTH SONAR 1150cm Wing , 72 CM CARBON MAST

The North Sonar Foil range has expanded for 2022 with both pre-preg carbon or aluminum options available. The range is comprehensive but also logical and streamlined, making it easy to build a quiver for multiple foiling disciplines. It’s one of the few completely modular systems where the wings, masts and fuselage components are interchangeable across aluminum or carbon systems. The 1150 wing riding characteristics make it the perfect choice for the kite foiling newbie or aspiring intermediate, with easy lift, smooth drive and predictable turns. The 1150 has slightly more back foot riding when riding with speed, which is ideal for that transition from surface riding boards where kiteboarding is all about loading the back foot. Even pressure through the carves and turning give the 1150 a more familiar feel than many of the larger surf foils that kiters have been learning with. This Sonar range also includes the 850 front wing which shares a similar outline but offers even more control at higher speeds. 




SIZE: 120 X 46 CM 

The North Scoop is a compact foil deck shape that is a great board to help advance kite foiling skills. The EPS core and carbon sandwich construction makes the Scoop light and stiff. Its widened, squared off and upturned nose combines with some V and double concave on the bottom to ensure the Scoop doesn’t dig in too much on touch downs. The thinned out and bevelled rails also allow the Scoop to easily tip on its side for strapless water starts. The Scoop has lots foot strap options as well as a nice comfortable EVA foam deck pad. Concave shaping provides nice grip and foil response. Overall the Scoop is a great intermediate to advanced foil deck that has the right combination of ease of use and performance. A great choice for riders that have learned the basics of foiling but want to increase manoeuvrability of their foil with a shorter and smaller deck.

NORTH SCOOP 120 Tested