Tested: CORE SLC FOIL 1000 CARBON WING & SLC 125 Deck

The smaller of the two front wings has the same smooth driving and carving feel of the 1250 but with better speed and control in the upper end. Core has done a great job at coming up with a pair of wings that meet the high levels of refinement surf and kite wings have today. This SLC 1000 wing set up with the longer mast was one of the test favourites for its smooth and intuitive glide and nice combination of carving and control at higher speeds. Premium set up also includes a full padded carry bag with separate padded compartments for all the components. 

DECK: Core SLC Tested
SIZE: 125 X 15 CM/15 L 

The Core SLC decks are premium constructed with the nice shape to satisfy both progressing to advanced riders alike. The carbon construction keeps them light and stiff and there’s some nice bottom shaping to disperse water on touch downs. The bevelled rails allow for a thicker middle deck. The 135 is a great size for the rider that wants a larger deck to learn on but is not so cumbersome to ride strapless or when foil skills improve. The corduroy textured deck is also nice and comfortable and provides nice grip. Available in three sizes, the SLC decks nicely complement the sporty and smooth riding SLC foil set up.