The F-One Gravity 1200 matched with the 85 cm High Modulus Carbon mast is a premium set up that can take any rider to the next level. F-One has a full range of foils for every discipline from surf to wing to SUP. Their full carbon lowers like the Gravity 1200 and Mirage 1000 wing can be used with F-One’s aluminum or carbon mast set ups making it modular and convenient. The light but stiff and reactive construction provides a very smooth and controllable ride that is reactive to rider input but also intuitive to figure out. The rail-to-rail carves of the Gravity 1200 front wing is very smooth and controlled over the full range of speeds. This was a test favourite for some of our testers who were impressed with the Gravity’s reactive feel and smooth drive through turns. This set up has found the perfect combination of nice comfortable and even foot pressure at higher speeds. It remains loose and carveable over the entire range of speed which was arguably the widest of any foil on the test. The Gravity 1200 is a great all-around foil that has nice early lift and combines with precise control and carving prowess. This is a foil set up you could learn with and advance into any level with virtually no performance ceiling other than overall top end speed. 



SIZE: 110 X 46 CM 

The Pocket Carbon series from F-One features three model sizes all with similar outlines, bottom deck shaping and comfortable EVA grip. The 110 is the smallest of the series and is built without foot strap inserts, making it extra light and nimble for the strapless rider. With nice concave on the top deck and the soft, grippy, corduroy EVA foam padding, the Pocket Carbon provides an excellent connection to the foil. The widest point on the Pocket Carbon deck is moved forward from center to help disperse water as the front of the board touches down. There is also some V shaped, double concave in the bottom shape to assist with this. Combined with the Mirage full carbon set up this was one of the lightest and liveliest combinations in this year’s test. The full carbon foil set up with 1000 Mirage front wing actually floats the board on its side making it easy to position for water relaunch without straps. This is a premium set up for riders that want to take their foiling to the next level.