Tested: CORE SLC FOIL 1250 CARBON WING & Core SLC 135


Core introduces their first foil line the SLC which includes two sizes of front wings and three different boards sizes. The carbon constructed 1250 cm² front wing is the largest of these kite specific set ups featuring an aluminum mast and fuselage construction. The SLC set up assembles nicely and the quality aluminum materials are as light and stiff as some of the full carbon set ups out there. The front and rear wings are made of pre-preg carbon and incorporate some anhedral shaping of the front wing with some down turned shaping in the front wing’s tips. The 1250 has some easy lift and is very stable with smooth take off and remains very controlled and stable at lower speeds. It was a test favourite for some of the less experienced foil riders and one of the easiest to learn new transitions on. This is a foil you can learn with and progress quickly on with its smooth carving ability and the easy and stable lift that carries through turns. 

SIZE: 135 X 49 CM/21 L 

The larger of the two deck shapes tested, the SLC 135 foil board is the perfect size for learning and advancing foil skills. The premium carbon built construction is light, stiff and durable featuring some nice shaping on the bottom and rails. Learning to foil can be challenging and having a little more length and volume under your feet can go a long way. The SLC design with the thicker core, tail and bevelled rails is the optimum shape for more stability while maintaining the sporty feel for quickly advancing foil riding skills.