Takoon Furia Review

Sizes Tested(m)        11 m
Sizes Available(m)     6, 7, 9, 11, 13            m

Test Review Synopsis: Smooth and forgiving power, with the right agility and depower to excel in waves.

The Good Stuff:

The Takoon Furia is a versatile freeride kite that offers smooth and forgiving pull for wave riding or freestyles with, nimble controls, great balance and optimum depower. The Furia’s power comes on smoothly and the kite trims out gusts nicely as the five strut canopy provides solid pull and stability through surges. The Furia has a smooth, and lightly power generating pivotal turn that is quick and also tunable to your preferred settings for bar pressure and depower. Test riders were impressed with the overall stability and gust eating ability which really allows the rider to focus on the board skills or wave maneuver.  The smooth pull and power generation is generated with less pressure through the harness while still driving upwind with good efficiency. The Furia is versatile and can accommodate a wide range of rider preferences although it really excels as freeride and surf kite. You can unhook with this kite with some front line trim and it feels nicely workable for some pop and pass freestyle. The upper end wind range of the Furia is quite large and the kite comes into its own with the good boosting ability and decent hang time. With good power and range the Furia can handle some big boosting session and be ready for your afternon surf session.

What Might Be Better

The Furia hits its element when powered up but feels more awkward in the lower end on twin tip. Its pull is perfect for a surfboard or foil that will keep things easy and smooth.

Who Will Love It

Wave lovers or anyone looking to advance their direction board skills on foil or surf board.