Flysurfer Boost Review

Kitesurfing Magazine SizesTested (m): 11

Review Synopsis: Powerful, smooth pull and quick pivots with exceptional big boosting ability.

The Good Stuff:
The Flysurfer Boost is the newest addition to the Flysurfer line up that’s promoted as a big boosting, high aspect freeride kite with race-approved functionality. Unlike Flysurfer’s more freestyle-focused Cronix, the Boost is higher aspect with a flatter canopy and pinched wing tips. It’s a kite that is both fast and efficient but with a user-friendly feel of a high-end, big-boosting kite. The Boost has the flat but deep and powerful canopy profile that ensures a great low-end power band. It has good levels of depower and doesn’t lose turn reactivity when highly depowered or fully sheeted out like many power-laden kites. The Boost’s ability to quickly pivot and turn even while fully sheeted out is impressive and formidable and sets good standards in performance. Its pinched wing tips make the kite pivot with very little increased power and pull, but when you sheet in and go, the power is smooth and quick to speed. The Boost sits forward in the window and slips upwind with impressive drive. The test team riders were also impressed with the Boost’s jumping and hang time. It feels both comfortable and easy to big air time and glide with this kite. The Boost’s ability to respond with a fast and smooth down loop turn, at any angle of attack, or while sheeted, ensures consistently soft landings whenever you need them. Although unhooked freestyle is not really its game, with a little trimming the Boost feels stable and has decent pop for unhooking. A testament to its great balance and finely tuned pull.

The Trade Off:
The Boost has a nice one pump system, but it requires an adapter to utilize the free flow inflation system.  It’s attached to the kite and pump, but it looks a bit clunky and potentially could get lost. Kitesurfing Magazine’s favoured inflation systems have no nozzle or adapter requirements.

Best For:
Intermediate-to-advanced riders looking for a kite with lots of range and big boosting ability, that’s fast and efficient upwind, and versatile enough to freeride in the surf or slick.

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