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2024  North Code Zero Review

Sizes tested: 9m, 14m


The North Code Zero emerges as a distinctive single-strut kite, characterized by its fuller, deeper position in the wind window and a notably structured feel offering solid power. Designed for effortless handling, it provides smooth turns and maintains stability without overflying into the window, making it especially suitable for foiling and strapless surfboard sessions.


The Code Zero stands out for its user-friendly attributes, allowing for easy control and requiring minimal effort to navigate. The Code Zero has very solid and easy to find power as it sits in a deeper position in the wind window and has wider, lower aspect canopy shape.  The Code Zero offers great power delivery and can be easily directed with minimal effort with one hand making it ideal for riding waves and for premium foil riding sessions. The power to size ratio of the Code Zero is such that it enables the rider use a smaller kite size which means you can session on a faster turning and quicker looping kite.  Building on the performance of its predecessors, the new version feels lighter and more responsive with faster turn speeds and lighter touch feedback from the bar. There is also less flutter through the canopy when aggressively turning the kite. The Code Zero’s turning capabilities are diverse with smooth input to drawn out turns or tighter arc steering which allows it to cater to various riding styles and conditions. The use of lighter weight N-Max Dacron contributes to the kite’s crisp response and feel in the air and dynamic recovery and float. The revised bridle and improved trailing edge tensioning result in smoother, more efficient design and responsive power delivery across all conditions. The Code Zero has easy to find power, predictive handling, as well, as uber efficient water relaunch that make the Code Zero a suitable kite for not only the foil riding junkie, but also the progressing riders learning the basics on a twin tip. 


While the North Code exhibits many strengths, its upwind performance could be enhanced, particularly for advanced foilers. Additionally, some riders may prefer a crisper feel in handling, as the kite’s efficiency might not always be immediately perceptible due to its solid, deep-window positioning.


The North Code is ideally suited for kiteboarders seeking a forgiving, stable kite with straightforward handling, particularly appealing for foiling and strapless surfboarding. It’s a great choice for those venturing into lighter wind conditions or riders transitioning from beginner to intermediate levels. Its solid performance through a range of wind conditions, combined with minimal flutter, makes it a reliable and enjoyable option for a wide spectrum of kiteboarders.


  1. My code zero fallapart after a leight slame used for 2.5 years.
    The material was totally gone.
    This was my first and last north kite
    High cost and terrible quality
    So better stay away of north


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