2016 North Neo Review

Sizes Tested(m): 7, 9, 11
Sizes Available(m):  4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Control Bar: Quad Control

Review Synopsis: Optimized wave handling with close-to-perfect stability, balance and range.

The Good Stuff: The North Neo is the high performance wave kite and has the most dedicated surf focused performance in the extensive North line up. There are a lot of impressive things about the Neo that make it a leader in this category. Its low end is superior to most of the kites as it produces some of the most efficient and smooth power allowing riders to use the smallest possible kite. For smooth pull and predictable and intuitive handling, the Neo tops the charts. Its smooth pull and quick depower combine with high levels of canopy stability and intuitive direct handling. The simplicity and stability also make the Neo a comfortable kite to work with for any situation where you need to kill the power instantly, but still be able to steer the kite while sheeted out. It’s a perfect kite to learn directional riding, or foil boarding with this easy pull, engaging  power and quick depower. In the wave the Neo is quick and slippery upwind, and its fast, smooth pivots let you get where you need to on the wave. Refined feel, direct control and advanced stability and drift make the Neo a true wave companion.

The Trade Off: Less boost and aggressive punch than some.

Best For: Any level of rider that wants a kite to tear up the waves or push their directional board skills to new levels.