2016 Liquid Force Wow Review

Sizes Tested (m): 9, 12

Review Synopsis:
Powerful, nimble, direct, upwind machine with superb drift and response on the wave and it boosts like a champion.

The Wow is the newest addition to Liquid Force’s expanded 2015 kite lineup and enters as Liquid Force’s first dedicated wave kite. It proves to be a solid performer for both wave riding and general freeride blasting. For starters, the essential water relaunch is superbly efficient and the best that Liquid Force has ever offered. The Wow has great low-end power generation with sheet-and-go precision and a linear power delivery. It has formidable upwind drive with smooth pull and the Wow’s ultra-narrow leading edge makes it fast and efficient through or across the window. The Wow’s progressive depower combines nicely with quick and tight pivotal turns that let you get to the right entry point on the wave and ensure an easy and reactive exit. The Wow pivots quick with low levels of pull as the kite completes a quick pivot and you sheet-in and go. The kite’s light weight and great balance give it nice drift and let it disappear when you want it to, so you can focus on the wave not the kite. The feedback from the kite is also direct and at any angle of attack or above your head you know where it sits with tensioned lines. The Wow also has great response even while highly depowered, and will pivot and move with the best of them. Unlike some wave models that feel uncomfortable and run away downwind when unhooked, the Wow feels decently comfortable unhooked and can pop and slack for some flatwater throw downs. Boosting and hangtime is exceptional and overall this Wow is useable for more than just waves with reactive handling overhead for soft landing, and/or mild-powered kite loops. Any advanced rider that loves waves but dabbles in freestyle when the surf’s not up, will appreciate the Wow’s performance.

The Trade Off:
The narrow leading edge of the Wow lets you rip upwind, but you need to be sure to pump the leading edge to the recommended PSI which is higher and harder, to ensure more sufficient inflation than many kites.

Best For:
Intermediate-to-advanced riders that want a great dedicated wave kite but without the compromise for boosting and unhooked freestyle.

Sizes Available (m): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14