2016 Liquid Force Wow Review

Sizes Tested(m): 9, 12
Sizes Available(m):  6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12
Control Bar: Response Control Bar
Review Synopsis: Quick pulling and pivoting kite, reliable freeride-friendly, power, boost and pop.

The Good Stuff: The Wow is Liquid Force’s dedicated wave kite that’s really turned out be one of the best performing kites in the Liquid Force line. Designed to have direct and instant steering input and quick pivotal turning, the Wow is an ideal choice in the surf. One of the best wave kites upwind with it ultra-narrow leading edge, the twelve meter has some great low end power and was one of the quickest and most reactive larger wave kites. The true character of its wave prowess comes out in the nine meter with its well-balanced drift and ability to change direction on a dime with a no-pull pivot turn. Like any narrow diameter leading edge design, it’s important to put the recommended PSI in these kites as the rigidity of the frame affects its ability to be responsive with less tension on the lines. But the Wow is not only great in the waves, it’s also a capable freeride weapon and boosts well with good drift and glide. The Wow sits forward in the window and pulls nicely for foil boarding or directional freeriding. It flies with good, smooth pull and doesn’t run away too much if you want to unhook and pop as well. The quick pivotal turns and good reaction to input at any angle ensure you can be aggressive with your jumps and transitions. All around, the Wow is built with LF’s extra beefed-up construction, narrow and well-built framing. This kite is ready for surf punishment and advanced freeride limit pushing.

The Trade Off: Pump it hard or the kite loses its high-octane feel.

Best For: Intermediate to advanced riders that want a great dedicated wave kite that can keep them stoked when there are no waves.