2016 Cabrinha Drifter Review

Sizes Tested(m): 7, 9, 12
Sizes Available(m):  4.5, 5.5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13
Control Bar: Overdrive 1X

Review Synopsis: Set it and forget it, smooth and predictable drift and silky smooth power.

The Good Stuff: The Drifter is Cabrinha’s dedicated wave kite that has been a leader and trend setter in this category, with a blend of smooth power and legendary, down-the-line drift. It set the bar for its ‘set and forget it’ pull and its ability to drift evenly without back stalling or rolling out of the window when you’re riding a wave and need the kite to stay planted. The Drifter has great low end power that can be shut off within a short throw distance of your trim line. Some styles of wave kites may have slightly quicker pivots, but for balance and smooth power delivery, the Drifter is at the top of the food chain. The Drifter also has the fast and reliable water relaunch essential to dedicated wave kites. New for this year the Drifter has added an extra setting to change the bridles and give the Drifter more freeride performance. Tuned to the freeride bridle setting, the Drifter flattens out and sits further forward in the window. This increases its upwind drive and improves jumping and control for freeriding or more onshore wave riding. In its traditional setting, the Drifter is not a big boosting kite and keeps its focus squarely on being planted on the face of a wave. Wave specialists will continue to look to the Drifter’s power and control that will get you to the sweet spot and get you out when you need to.

The Trade Off: The most dedicated of dedicated wave kites can have its drawbacks for freeride blasting and jumping, but this is mitigated with some extra bridle settings this year.

Best For: Advanced wave riders that want to get pitted.