2015 Naish Park Review

Review Synopsis:
Ready to pop and play in your local park. A refined legend, with optimal depower and smooth powered loops.

The Good Stuff:
The Naish Park offers the ideal blend of performance that offers the right amount of C kite feel, with enough levels of depower and handling to excel in waves and general freeriding. For 2015, the Park continues with this winning formula and appeals to riders that want smooth pull and the right control while riding unhooked. The Park is also a kite that can handle itself in the waves with direct steering and quick pivotal turns that offer reactive steering and pivot on either wing tip through the turn. It generates a more sweeping power through its loop than the Pivot which can be useful in certain wave situations or for soft landings after big jumps or transitions. Test riders were impressed with the Park’s upper-end handling and it offers some key features that make it ideal for both unhooked riding as well as other disciplines in both waves and freeriding. The light touch steering remains stable and controlled when sheeted and unhooking, and the Park can pop and loop with smooth pull and nice acceleration out the last half of the loop. It feels similar to last year’s model but with quicker turns through the loop and a lighter more lively feel through the canopy. The C kite rider that wants that extra pull from the wider wing tips will appreciate the Park’s responsive pull and precision and looping prowess. The Park remains manageable and offers amazing pop and keeps control even while pushing the upper limits of its wind range.

The Trade Off:
Not as efficient in the low-end as the Pivot but excels against it in the upper wind range. Stats more controlled and manageable through gusts in the upper end.

Best For:
The discerning rider that wants a kite that can deliver that smooth, unhooked pop and also needs a kite with great drift and balance for riding waves.

Sizes Tested(m):  12, 10

Sizes Available(m):   5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14