2015 Liquid Force Solo Review

LF Solo ReviewReview Synopsis: Exciting efficiency, impressive stability, plug-and-play, smooth pivoting gem.

The Good Stuff:
The Liquid Force Solo is the new one strut kite that breaks the boundaries of lightweight efficiency and high-end performance from a single strut kite. A standout in this year’s test for its unique blend of flying traits, the test team was impressed with the stability, quick sheet in and go power, and great low-end efficiency and pull of the Solo. The efficiency and lightness of the frame marries with solid get-up-and-go with lighter touch steering and quick pivots. The Solo 9 meter has amazing wind range and the lightwind performance of the 15.5 meter rivals the top lightwind masters available for playful freeriding. The nice pull and bonus low-end efficiency of the Solo, combined with quick pivotal turns steering make it a winner in light air and it offers that extra power per square meter known for the no strut designs. Water relaunch is quick and effortless, and the single middle strut ensure the kite fills with win when helmet down.The Solo ultimately can fit into your quiver for travel, teaching or just freeride blasting with simplicity and a performance ratio that’s off the charts. Perfect travel companion and simple but advantageous performance for the beginner or advanced rider. Perfect for freeride foil boarding, or riding a surfboard or twintip, the Solo kite and new foil boards can widen the boundaries of fun, simplicity and performance.

2015 Liquid Force Solo ReviewThe Trade Off:
With only one strut, when sheeted out the canopy can flutter more than some. When the kite is overhead, and sheeted out it can lose some feedback which can be more difficult in transitions in waves.

Best For:
Any level of rider that wants a simple but high-performing kite that excels in low-end efficiency, with good range and control and nimble steering.

Sizes Tested(m): 9, 12, 15.5

Sizes Available(m):  4.5, 6.5, 9, 12, 15.5