2015 Liquid Force Envy Review

Review Synopsis: Impressive handling and all-terrain performance, this is an all-new, more enviable Envy for any level and discipline.

The Good Stuff:
The 2015 Envy has been redesigned with improvements on many levels while avoiding any significant trade-offs from their previous incarnations. The Envy feels solid and stable and has great low-end power but has advanced its performance with quicker and smoother pivots than over the old version. With a myriad redesigned elements this new Envy has added so much versatile performance that it has edged its way into the master class of the all-terrain models. The Envy has always been a simple and stable design, but its past performance was appreciated by both the ease-of-use-seeking beginner and the park lover that wants a good drifting, pop and pass style of kite. This new Envy is one of the many matured generational models of 2015 that sees real upgrades in performance with better boosting and faster, more direct steering. The new Envy jumps great and has no hesitation to boost, and responds with precision and solid pull for soft landings. There is more depower than ever before and the kite drives solidly but lets you cut out the pull when you need it. Water relaunch is also better than ever and lacks any stick or lag, as it pivots easily with a steering line pull. Overall, the Envy has stability that is rock solid with no back stall. The narrower leading edge and solid framing also let the Envy rip upwind better than ever and deliver the drive and power that advanced level riders appreciate. All around the Envy can adapt to more riders and more situations than ever before.

The Trade Off:
If you’ve been riding Envys for the last few seasons it may not sit back in the widow and pop as well as its predecessor.

Best For:
Any level or rider that wants an all-terrain master that can add extra element to your game with freeride blasting, boosting, unhooking, waves, directional riding and just about anything you can throw at it.

Sizes Tested(m): 12, 9
Sizes Available(m):  5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.5, 12, 13.5, 15