2015 Cabrinha Switchblade Review

 Review Synopsis:  Great power, great boost, solid handling; the legend continues.

2015 Cabrinha Switchblade Tested2015 Cabrinha Switchblade Test ReviewThe Good Stuff:
The Cabrinha Switchblade has a decade of legendary performance and is revered for its smooth pull, solid power, great boost and glide, and solid unhooked pop and drift. The Swithblade has a powerful and full strutted frame that enhances canopy stability when overpowered and keeps thing settled and smooth when the kite is aggressively turned or sent for a boost. The new Switchblade has the much-loved low and lauded low-end power and pull that it has been known for, but the 2015 also has improved turn initiation with more direct and useable bar pressure and some increased pivot speed. The SB also tames gusts and turns wind speed to smooth pulling speed that keeps things comfortable and controlled to unhook and pop or send it and soar. The SB can be tuned for faster and more direct turning than any Switchblade before it. The kite really comes alive with more reactive and direct steering, with the on-the-fly adjustable bar length, pushed out to the longest settings. The new Low V front line connection also seems to give the SB more precision and direct response. For park and pop performance, the standard or inside length is ideal as it settles the reactivity down a bit.
Compared with the tame, but playful Radar, the Switchblade offers the ultimate in big boosting, more power and massive stability with gust-eating ability. Its powerful but tameable pull is also preferred by the heavier riders that appreciate the extra grunt and solid push through the lulls. The smooth power delivery and consistent pull through gusts ensures you can set up for a big boost or unhooked pop with control and precision. A little trimming and the Switchblade can pop and drift for unhooked manoeuvres with the best of the four-line bridled freestyle designs. The Switchblade has carved its place in kiteboarding’s short history for a reason; it hasn’t strayed from its roots and is sure to continue its freeride domination.

The Trade Off:
A lot of power and pull and more power generation through the loop give the SB an advantage for twintip riding, but if you want to ride waves there are better kites in the Cab line, like the Drifter.

Who Will Love It:
Freeride blasters that want good low end, smooth gust-eating capability and boosting and unhooking all day long. Heavier and aggressive power seekers will love the power, pull and stability of this legend.