2015 Cabrinha Radar Review

Brand: Cabrinha
Kite Model: Radar
Sizes Tested(m): 12, 9 m
Sizes Available(m):     3.5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14
Control System: Overdrive QuickLoopTM Control System

Review Synopsis:
Effortless relaunch, smooth power, progression gem.

2015 Cabrinha Radar Review 2015 Cabrinha Radar TestedThe Good Stuff:
The Radar is the new user-friendly gem of the Cabrinha lineup and it checks all the boxes of an easy-handling progression kite that delivers lots of pillowy soft and silky power and plenty of quick shut off. The Radar has elements of the distinctive and familiar Cabrinha feel and fits nicely into the formidable Cab line up. Test riders were impressed with its performance over the Vector of previous years and it stacks up well against the top progression kites in the test. The friendly feel and sheet-and-go performance suit this kite to any rider that wants to focus on building board skills and pushing into some easy jumping and quick transitions. With a little trimming, the Radar also unhooks nicely as the broader canopy shape lets it sit back in the window better than some pinched-winged progression kites. Boosting is easy and surprisingly lofty and despite its beefier leading edge and rounder shape, it also pulls upwind well and handles gusts nicely. The turns are smooth and generate soft useable pull that will make learning to loop and use the pull of the kite easy for less experienced pilots. It might be the best relaunching kite that Cabrinha’s ever had. Its wider and rounder outline let it pivot easily and arrange itself for lift off. Fun, easy and predictable the Radar, is also well-balanced and will be a great wave kite if you want something to dabble in the surf with.

The Trade Off:
Lacks a bit of zip and feedback and the precision of the Switchblade.

Best For:
This could be a perfect kite to help your wife and kids advance their skills. It’s also a nimble, workable and simple drift machine for the afternoon surf session.