2015 Best Kahoona V7

Review Synopsis: More feel, more precision, but with the same lovely boost and glide that Kahoona riders love.

The Good Stuff:
The Kahoona V7 is a legit hybrid that remains true to its four-strut roots, but offers cleaner and more precise handling in 2015. The Kahoona’s longevity in the Best line up is driven by the fact that it’s tough to ever get a bad ride with a Kahoona. Its got such fun-loving, easy-boosting and glide traits that it’s sure to put a smile on rider’s face. Geared towards those that crave ease-of-use and fun in any condition, the Kahoona seems more playful than ever with more positive bar pressure and better turn initation than its ever had. The Kahoona has always been known for its great low-end power and this year is no exception. Tons of power that comes on with easy sheet-and-go process. The Kahoona will handle the beginner rider but takes you into any level with its big air ability and smooth pull. The great boost and easy nature of the Kahoona make it a freeride blaster’s gem.

The Trade Off:

Solid low-end, not as balanced as some 3-strut models and not as great for unhooked as the shape and pull of the Kahoona make it more of boost-and-glide master blaster.

Best For:

Progressing riders that want to boost big and dabble in the waves or general freeriders who want that extra power, lift and solid drive.