2014 North Evo Review

Size tested: 9m Suggested retail: $1,289.95 (9m—kite only); $1799.95 (9m—complete)
Sizes available: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14m

Test Team Report:
The North Evo 9m captured excellent test scores and was right up there with the top earners. North has so many good kites in its line it’s tough to choose the best amongst them. Some members of the Test Team suggested they would actually be quite happy with one of each model but in different sizes. The Evo has the advantage of being versatile to use on a four- or five-line bar set-up, which is a bonus for anyone who wants to fit a great performing North kite into their quiver. Turning speed is quick and direct on the Evo, and it has solid stability and smooth pull through the loop. The five-strut set-up keeps the kite rock-solid through turbulent winds or aggressive steering input.
The Evo is also fast-pulling and pushes upwind with good drive. The lift and glide of the Evo is impressive as well, and could be characterized as smoother and less aggressive as the Rebel, but with bigger boosting and more hang time than the nimble Dice. The Evo kite responds and reacts easily while jumping with the kite overhead. With a little front line trimming, the Evo works easily enough for unhooked freestyle as well. Overall, the Evo can fit the bill for the freerider who wants a kite that can handle all conditions and kite disciplines without much tuning or performance repercussions.

The Trade-off:
Not as much positive positional feedback from the kite as some might prefer.

Best For:
The versatile rider who wants a kite to handle waves, freestyle or big boosting freeride with ease and comfort.