2014 Liquid Force NRG Review

Size tested: 10m Suggested retail: $1749.99 (10m Complete)
Sizes available: 6, 8, 10, 12m

Test Team Report
The third year in its evolution, the Liquid Force NRG is one of the best-looking kites on the water, and its eye-popping visual appeal is matched by high-end performance in jumping and precision control. The 10m that was tested had great low-end range, and even more power can be pulled from the kite when you gently sweep and steer it across the window. The NRG also has amazing lift and boost, and the flat canopy keeps you skyward for lots of hang time. This kite really excels at what it’s designed to do: jump high with lots of hang time while providing quick turn initiation and great feedback from the kite. It sits forward in the window and offers great drive upwind as well.
The NRG’s more forward positioning in the window means you don’t need to pull the depower trim strap much at all, and if you do, the kite loses some of its precision steering.  It has plenty of power range and depower within arm’s reach, and at full power the kite has quicker turn initiation and nice pull through the loops. The water relaunch is acceptable and surprisingly easy despite being a higher-performance design for intermediates. If you like a fast-pulling and exciting kite, the NRG is built for the aggressive rider in mind.

The Trade-off:
The NRG still likes to be feathered, consistently flown and kept moving to reach its full flying potential. It’s easy enough and stable to use for less experienced riders, but the more advanced riders will appreciate this kite more for its high-powered jumps and lively flight.

Best For:
Intermediate- to advanced-level riders who want to turn heads on the beach with the biggest jumping and fastest flying precision steering kite from Liquid Force.