2014 Epic Screamer 4G Review

Size tested: 12m Suggested retail: $1,365
Sizes available: 7, 9, 10, 12, 14m

Test Team Report
The Screamer 4G from Epic Kites is all about big air, big glide and tons of on-demand power. Over the generations of design, its core performance has always remained true to its big-air origins. Incremental improvements in the fourth-generation model propel the Screamer’s performance forward and ensure the kite continues to offer the stratospheric jumps and consistent handling it’s become known for. Test riders were impressed with the Screamer 4G’s smooth and reliable power and moderate- to light-touch steering. It has consistent pull and power through the kite loop, which can make for fun and powered transitions.
The Sreamer 12 also has a big sweet spot that pulls consistently, and when you send the kite, it lofts and glides across the top of the window with the best of them. It makes any level of rider feel like a super hero, because it can lift and loft you farther than your run-of-the-mill, all-terrain freeride kite. During a big boost, the kite reacts quickly to bar input and will ensure soft landings with an aggressive front-hand pull. The water relaunch is top-notch for a high-performance freeride kite. Intermediate- to advanced-level riders who want to stay lofted for longer and do multiple tricks in one jump should consider the Screamer 4G a top choice. The Screamer comes with one of the biggest bags on the market.

The Trade-off:
Less instant depower than some might appreciate, and more constant drive than some might prefer.

Best For:
Intermediate- to advanced-level riders that like to have the biggest jumps with lots of hang time, and crazy kite loops.

Designer Notes: Dimitri Maramenides
The reason I gave the SCREAMER it’s name is because of the reaction I was getting from different riders testing the kite.  And few times I could hear them screaming while in the air.  And this is the reason why the name of this model became to be what it is today the SCREAMER.  Let’s face it – big air and freedom is what attracts all of us to this sport.  In few words this is what kiteboarding is all about, big jumps, big boards off, big handle passes, and big kite loops.  But in order to do so you need a kite that can perform incredibly well.  And how you do that!!!!  Well it takes some time, experience, patience, a lot of testing and a lot of feed back from dealers, kiters, team riders world wide. If I start giving you all the technical info about what makes a kite fly the way the SCREAMER fly it will be Greek to you.  So the best way to explain it is by getting a chance to demo it and you will understand why people speak so highly about it performance.
We have had so much success with the evolution of the Screamer models for 2010, 2011, and 3G that it was very hard to come up with something better for the 4G models.  So for the 4G SCREAMERS my designer Momi and I tried everything to make them even better then the 3G.  The only problem was that we could not improve them dramatically.  We tried everything but instead of going forward we were going backwards.  So what we did for the 4G model was to tune them up so you get a better direct feel of the kite and better pop then the 3G.  The only kite we were able to change is the SCREAMER 10 LTD. This specialized kite is our test pilot for the next generation of Screamers and has been vastly improved over the 3G version. If you thought we hit if out of the park before, get your hands on the 4G kites today.