2014 Best Kahoona Review

Size tested: 11.5m Suggested retail: $1,349 (kite only)
Sizes available: 3.5, 5.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, 13.5m

Test Team Report
The Kahoona+ is a four-strut kite with a Delta platform, and it shows some nice refinement and performance upgrades this year. The “+” means it’s equipped with the Best EZ Pump inflation system with the new Twist Lock that is found on other models. It’s also available with standard inflation for those who want to save a little extra, but the Kahoona+ is ready to hit the water with less hassle than ever. Any level rider will appreciate the fast and easy water relaunch of the Kahoona; it lifts off the water with ease—a quick pull of the steering lines. The test riders were impressed with the great stability, simple-to-find power ban and the easy depower of this kite.
The Kahoona+ has a unique blend of moderate bar pressure for power delivery and light-touch steering. This results in a feeling of more progressive power but slightly less of a precision feel for certain applications. The Kahoona’s power delivery make it a great choice for riders who want a sheet-and-go kite or a kite with more instant depower while riding waves. The Kahoona is easy to jump and also grants excellent gliding hang time, which is characteristic of its flatter central canopy and four-line configuration. Overall, the Kahoona+ has everything a newbie kiter needs to build the fundamental skills to expand into multiple kite disciplines. Advanced riders won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for a kite with lots of range, faster, more pivot-style turns and more instant depower for onshore waveriding.

The Trade-off:
Less precision in the feel; you can lose kite positioning more easily. If you love to just sheet-in and go, this is one of the best.

Best For:
Anyone who wants an easy fly-and-go kite that can handle a wide range of conditions and lets you focus on progressing your skills to the next level.

Best Designer Feedback: Peter Stiewe

This year we improved the canopy profile and harmonized the leading edge arc so to deliver a better slack line feel. The new wing tip design maximizes stability during ‘load and pop.’ This is a great kite for riders that are looking to improve their skill set as the kite is simply responsive and easy to relaunch as well. We slimmed down the front profile in the larger sizes to improve the upwind ability of the kites. The Kahoona+ also updates the EZ Pump™ Inflation system with the installation of the new patented Twist Lock Valve to get you on the water faster. The strut closures were also modified in order to enhance bladder protection. The Best Kahoona+ is now in its 6th season for a reason, this kite is designed to advance your progression in every session.