2014 Best Cabo V2 Review

Size tested: 11m Suggested retail: $1199.00
Sizes available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11m

Test Team Report:
The Cabo is positioned as Best’s dedicated surf kite, and it has all the performance attributes to ensure some epic sessions in the surf. Test Team riders were impressed by its lightweight and nimble three-strut frame, and the low bar pressure and tight looping ability of the Cabo. It’s actually a misconception that this kite is branded solely for surf, because it can do just about anything. It doesn’t pull as smoothly and aggressively as the TS, and it doesn’t have the low-end and boosty glides of the Kahoona, but it sits nicely in between the two. The Cabo feels light and lively, and has light-touch bar pressure and steering, and it doesn’t pull you around too much when you loop or steer it aggressively.
The Cabo’s pivot turns are quick and fluid, and you can spill the power from the kite easily by sheeting-out from the bar. The low-end power isn’t huge on the kite, but for waves the focus must be on handling, depower and drift. The Cabo excels at these aspects. You can loop it down-the-line and it will not pull you off your board, and you can bring across the top of the window quickly without lifting you off the wave. It’s one of the more versatile of the wave kites, as it could easily double as a progression kite or general freeride kite. It has decent lift and pop for punting over the surf, and it feels comfortable unhooked with some trimming. The Cabo is a winner in the waves.

The Trade-off:
Not as much low-end power as the Kahoona, which was the original wave-oriented kite that might work well for waves in less-than-ideal conditions.

Best For:
The Cabo is ideal for any rider who wants a dedicated surf kite but also wants it to work as a freeride kite when the surf is not cooperating.

Designer Notes: Peter Stiewe
The Cabo is our dedicated wave kite this year but it also holds many characteristics that make it suitable for multiple conditions and riding levels. This year we have changed the wingtip on the Cabo for faster, more precise handling. This allows you to ride down the line with the kite sitting further back in the window to catch that downward drift. We harmonized the leading edge arc for greater stability, smoother power delivery and a better overall high end performance. The sweet spot was increased throughout the range with adjustments to the canopy profile. The addition of the 8m into the quiver made the line up more complete in order to cover all conditions. Just like the TS, the Cabo also introduced the new patented Twist Lock Valve for simplicity and reliability allowing you to pump less and ride more. The strut closures were also modified in order to enhance bladder protection. The Cabo is the kite that is built surf tough for multiple riding conditions, specialized for you to charge every wave.