2014 Airush Lithium Review

Low-End Power and Turn Speed
Size tested: 12m Suggested retail: $1,339
Sizes available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16m

Test Team Report
The Airush Lithium was well praised by most of the Test Team Riders and logged some top scores against the other 12m freeride kites. Overall, the Lithium has a great blend of performance that fuses some smoothly generated, low-end power with light-touch steering, performance handling, and fast pivotal turns that offer more instant turn initiation than its competition. Often the kites with a better level of low-end power trade up their nimble feel for more grunt and better unhooked freestyle performance; the Lithium, however, earns top marks for being both light and nimble, with great balance, drift and the power and grunt to keep you going through mushy lulls. Easy to ride and jump, the Lithium is solid and comfortable in your hands within minutes of first flight. It instantly excels at the things the everyday, average kiter is looking for: easy upwind cruising, quick and smooth depower, easy to jump, and with nimble feel and quick pivotal turns that ensure soft landings. The water relaunch is quick and effortless, making this kite both beginner-friendly and advanced rider approved. Top marks for the Lithium definitely puts it as one of the test leaders in versatility and ease of use.

The Trade-off:
If your riding leans more towards wakestyle riding, then there are other all-terrain kites that feel more comfortable unhooked and generate more pop, slack and drift for technical freestyle trickery.

Best For:
Any rider who wants a simple to dial into kite that has excellent range and is nimble and quick steering for freeriding or waves.