WMFG Double Pump in action.

WMFG Double Pump Review

If Arnold Schwarzenegger built a pump, this would be it!

WMFG Double PumpThe Kitesurfing Magazine test team had a chance to check out WMFG’s new massive double barrel kite pump the 2.0D. Yes it’s massive! And no it’s not just a gimmick. With twice the barrel action of WMFG’s traditional pump, the 2.0D pump does the majority of the kite’s inflation in half the number of strokes and time. A quick flick of a switch, the secret behind the 2.0D success, allows you to easily finish off the inflation of your kite to the desired pressure. Even 10 PSI was a breeze! A built in pressure gage ensures you pump your kite to the prefect level. We were even able to finish off the final inflation on a large number of our test kites one handed!

The WMFG large selection of valve attachments easily covered all of the kites the Kitesurfing Magazine team were testing, and could be swapped out in seconds. Not an easy accomplishment with the wide variety of valve systems on kites today. (Note to manufactures: Please standardize this).

The new black coloured Mega Flex Hose is more flexible than the previous white hose, and makes inflation even easier.

Double Pump Switch

Tech Specs:
Height: 24″/61cm (Extra Tall)
Diameter: 2 X 4″/10cm
Capacity: 5.8L/Stroke
Pressure Gage: 3-13 PSI
Valve Attachments: All kites plus new Boston valve.

What We liked:

Faster Inflation Times
Works with All Kite Models
Bomber Construction
Awesome new hose
Inflation Switch
Pressure Gage

What We Didn’t Like
A bit big to fly with

Bottom Line

Kitesurfing couples, industry sales reps, and anyone that wants to get on the water faster is going to absolutely love this pump! The Kitesurfing Magazine team is adding one to our gear testing arsenal. 

WMFG Pressure Gage: 3-13 PSI

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