Length:5’1.25” / Width: 18.125” 

Thickness: 2.3125” / Fins: Quad or tri 

The Ocean Rodeo Jester is a fun directional board that will appeal to both the burgeoning directional rider or to the advanced freestyle trickster. It’s a compact shape and narrow outline that’s nimble from edge to edge but also offers substantial grip while the board is turned on edge. This is aided by its deep concave that runs very close to the rail. The thinned out rails and deep rail to rail bottom concave also help to keep the Jester stable and smooth through chop. The flatter central rocker and short length make it a fun board to Ollie off chop with as well. With a short and symmetrical shape, the Jester is also nicely balanced underfoot during aerials. The Jester can be driven through hard carving turns and you can use this shape to get great acceleration into and out of transitions. It’s a very compact shape that feels small and nimble underfoot. The OR deck pads with their low weight design provide great grip that make it comfortable for riding the Jester strapless, but there’s still the option of riding straps and boosting jumps which the Jester excels at. Ocean Rodeo has some great construction and durability on these boards with thermo molded skin that ensures they can handle the rigors of strapless or strapped jumps. The Jester comes stock with a high quality five fin set for thruster or quad fin set up. 



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