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Ocean Rodeo 2024 Crave AA-Series preview

In a recent interview with pro rider Reece Myerscough and engineer Sam White, they discussed the new Ocean Rodeo Double A Series Crave kite featuring the innovative Aluula material. This 10m Crave AA weighed in at 1.6 kg! Here’s an overview of their discussion:


  • John Bryja, the publisher of Kitesurfing Magazine, introduces Reece Myerscough and Sam White.
  • Reece is a strapless rider and Ocean Rodeo team member.
  • Sam White is an engineer specializing in materials and research and development at Aluula.

Kite Overview:

  • The focus of the discussion is the new Ocean Rodeo Double A Series Crave kite.
  • This kite features the Aluula composite canopy material known as “Aeris-X.”

Eris X Material:

  • Sam explains that Aeris-X is an advanced material used for the canopy, offering high stiffness and shape retention.
  • The canopy comprises warp and weft fibers, along with a cross-ply X weave, all fused together for Aluula.
  • This material is lighter and stiffer, making kites more responsive, suitable for various wind conditions, and extending the wind range.
  • Sam emphasizes that Aluula materials make kites more versatile, with a wider wind range.

Reece’s Experience:

  • Reece shares his experience riding the new Crave kite with Aeris-X material.
  • He finds the kite super predictable, light, and responsive.
  • Compared to the previous A-Series Crave, the new kite feels more controlled and allows for smoother maneuvers.
  • He mentions that the Crave with Aeris-X is his go-to kite for various riding styles.

Adjusting Air Pressure:

  • Reece mentions adjusting air pressure in the kite depending on the wind conditions.
  • Lowering the pressure increases the kite’s flexibility and agility when not fully powered, especially for surf riding.

Kite Sizes and Range:

  • Reece mentions riding the Crave in sizes 7, 8, 10, and 12 meters.
  • He often chooses the 10 or 12-meter sizes, even in light winds, for improved versatility and early planning.

Advantages in Competitions:

  • Reece highlights that the Crave with Aeris-X provides a significant advantage in competitions.
  • Other riders complain when he’s on this kite because it performs exceptionally well in low-wind conditions, allowing him to execute tricks while others struggle.

Atom Bladders:

  • Sam mentions the Atom bladders, a new bladder technology used in the kite.
  • These bladders are significantly lighter, contributing to the kite’s overall weight reduction.
  • The bladders are 45 GSM, which is half the weight of traditional bladders.

Enhanced Flex in the Frame:

  • Sam explains that they achieved enhanced frame flex by using lighter bladders with more torsional stiffness.
  • The combination of stiffer bladders and a flexible airframe provides an optimal balance of control and responsiveness.

Bridle Pulleys:

  • Reece discusses the addition of pulleys on the kite’s bridles.
  • These pulleys allow for a more open kite shape, providing better control in various conditions.
  • In particular, it helps in the surf by allowing riders to stall the kite and choose the right moment to power through the power zone.

In summary, the Ocean Rodeo Double A Series Crave kite with Aluula’s Aeris-X material offers enhanced performance, versatility, and control, making it a top choice for riders like Reece Myerscough. The use of innovative materials and design improvements contributes to a kite with a wider wind range and responsiveness.

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