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North Atmos 2024 Kiteboard Review

Kitesurfing Magazine editor-in-chief, John Bryja, has a chance to check out North’s full line in Portugal, at the 2024 North product launch.

The North 2024 Kiteboards are ready for demo in Portugal. Will I find the perfect ride?

I was on a bit of a selfish mission at the 2024 importers meeting. Find the perfect size Freeride twin-tip board for me. The North Atmos 2024 is an epitome of high-performance freeride mastery. This board isn’t just about going big; it’s about boosting with confidence, looping with flair, and ensuring that each landing feels solid and controlled. With its powerful upwind capacity, the Atmos gives riders impeccable edge control, ensuring a ride that feels both dynamic and fluid. The strategically placed layers of unidirectional carbon tape in its hybrid construction exude a dynamic flex that is neither too stiff nor too soft – it’s just right. One of the standout features is its ability to perform admirably when overpowered. Rather than making you feel out of control, the Atmos offers a stable and predictable ride even in those gustier conditions. Its blend of medium rocker, a progressive outline, and that aforementioned flex makes it a versatile contender suitable for a plethora of conditions. A mix of Hybrid Carbon Technology, Carbon Uni-Directional Tape, and Paulownia Wood Core ensures a lightweight yet sturdy construction. The Stainless M6 standardized hardware is a testament to the board’s resilience.

North Atmos Kiteboard Review
Be sure to choose the right size Atmos deck for your body size.

Sizing is pivotal. It’s important to select the right size based on weight to truly harness the Atmos’ potential. After years of riding a size smaller, At 210 lbs I found I was a perfect match for the 141. After trying numerous boards, this is the ideal size freeride board in the Atmos line for me, and all I really needed to do was dig deep into a North sizing guide for the answer. Oh well… more fun to try lots of boards, and more educational too. Riding the ideal size board gives you better upwind, more pop in jumps, no spray to the face, and still maintains easy edge control in the gusts. The size guidance provided is a testament to North’s understanding of rider diversity, ensuring there’s an Atmos for virtually every rider out there. Being on the right size board makes a huge difference.

  • 136cm: Perfect for those weighing between 55-80 kg (121-176 lbs).
  • 138cm: Suited for riders between 65-90kg (143-198 lbs).
  • 141cm: Ideal for those tipping the scales between 75-100kg (165-220 lbs).
  • 144cm: Designed for the heavy hitters between 85-120kg (187-264 lbs).

The North Atmos 2024 is a board that screams performance at every turn, jump, and loop. It’s perfect for riders who crave that perfect synergy of power, control, and finesse. Whether you’re looking to progress or find that perfect freeride companion, the Atmos is a board that deserves serious consideration.


  • Precise Edge Control: Every carve feels deliberate and controlled.
  • Medium Rocker & Balanced Flex: Ideal for both big boosts and smooth landings.
  • Concave to Quad Channel Tips: Offers improved grip and reduced drag.
  • Durability and Eco-friendliness: The Paulownia wood core and durable ABS rail promise longevity while keeping sustainability in mind.
  • FlipTech Mounting System (on centreline): A new addition for 2024, ensuring better rail lifespan. You can flip your bindings around and have a fresh heel side edge for riding up the beach.
  • Additional Features: Ergonomic handles, 40mm fins, compatibility with multiple binding systems, and more.
The Flex Pro binding is very comfortable and provides an ideal connection to the board. $239 pair
New for 2024, the Flex binding is a single destiny lower cost option at $139 a pair.

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