Saturday, June 22, 2024

Naish Traverse Review

Size: 152 x 43.5

Bindings: Apex 

The Naish Traverse board is a unique Naish twintip shape, inspired by pro Rider Ewan Jaspan. Its mission is to provide a fresh new freeride feel that is both comprehensive and versatile. Not your standard pro freestye twintip shape, the Traverse is longer with more rounded out tips. It’s designed to utilize this extra width for better upwind performance and more pop and power for lighter winds. All these features, combined with a more moderate flex and continuous rocker allow the Traverse to slice through the chop and give the rider access to a more surf-like, carving feel. The Paulownia wood core provides plenty of pop and reactivity though and the board is easy to stick those off axis landings with its additional length in the tips. Super fun for freeride cruising and easy to rip upwind, this is a shape that will let you ride for long sessions with comfort and control through sloppy water conditions. No need to worry about foot fatigue either; the Naish Apex binding is very adjustable and offers nicely cushioned footbed support. The micro adjustments for stance angle also set the Apex apart from some of the competition’s bindings that have more limited settings. 

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