Ocean Rodeo Mako Duke Review

DESIGN FEATURES: The Mako Duke is a directional shape with origins based on Ocean Rodeo’s popular Mako twin series. The Mako Duke adopts a similar outline and a 17-millimeter concave bottom shape that fuses it with a more floaty, softer-railed directional board. Made with an exclusive thermo-molded skin adopted from the snowboard industry, the Mako Duke is built to last. The side thruster fins in the set up are pushed toward the tail of the board which combines with deeper concave for control at speed and tighter turns when pushing on the back foot.

FREERIDING/FREESTYLE:  The Mako Duke was one of the favorites for test team riders to rip around and boost big jumps with. It gives you confidence for a little tougher landing than most surf shapes. A very versatile and fun shape to have for unstrapped ollies and aerial trickery. The deep concave also provides excellent grip and pushes upwind nicely while powered.

RIDING SURF: This shape is fun in smaller surf and is an easy board to put some hard carves into the wave faces with. It takes a while to get used to the deeper concave and weighting but once you’re dialled there are lots of possibilities. This is a great board to transition from twintip riding into riding surf. It has the right amount of familiar feel with the extra float and drive down the line. The Mako Duke is quick and reactive from edge-to-edge and has a nice skatey feel with quick turn initiation.

BEST FOR: Intermediate riders that want a fun all around board that has a familiar deep concave twin feel, with the benefits of more float and a directional performance in the waves or in flatwater.

Length: 5’6”
Width: 18 5”
Thickness: 2 .”
Width 6” from tail: 13 .”
Width 12” from tail: 15 7/8”
Width 18” from tail: 17 .”
From tail to max width: 31 1/ 2”
Fin set up: Thruster