Flysurfer Sonic-FR … built to win!

With more people hydro foiling the kite foil market is one of the hottest categories for 2016! Here is a new release from Flysurfer.

The SONIC Full Race is optimized for competition with merciless performance on all terrains (Water, Land & Snow). The sheer force of this pure racing machine, gives you speed thrills, goosebumps and more, with the kite cutting through air at angles into the wind never seen before. The most extreme lift and hangtime any Flysurfer kite has ever delivered, is now combined with sophisticated handling, in a unique super high aspect-ratio, closed-cell ram-air foilkite. Only the best and most optimized fabrics have been used to achieve maximum performance, minimum weight and incredible stability.

Its engineers worked in conjunction with the best hydrofoiling and snowkite athletes to sculpt this amazing wing. Together with the most advanced technology available from our paragliding department, we were able to achieve the most powerful and performance orientated race kite.
The Sonic-FR is the pure expression of Flysurfers DNA. Innovation, Aesthetics and Performance.

Choose the Sonic-FR in sizes 9m, 11m, 15m, or 18m together with the optional Infinity 3.0 Race-Bar or Infinity 3.0 Airstyle bar. Experience the buzz of extreme lift to drag ratio.

For more information on the SONIC-FR go here: flysurfer.com/en/produkte/kites/sonic-fr/