Friday, December 1, 2023
NewsNew Kitesurfing Land Speed Record on a mountain board... 100 kph!

New Kitesurfing Land Speed Record on a mountain board… 100 kph!

California’s Thierry Collado has set a new land speed record in Leucate, France reaching 100 kph!

“It was so, so long since I dreamed that moment, to go that fast on a mountainboard pulled by a kite. I tried for years,, and although at first it was difficult, I never despaired. It took me 20 years. The first time I tried Landkite in 1999, my first impression was to tell me: Wow we can go very fast ..
Today I got it! It was weeks and weeks that I was waiting for the perfect moment, and then 100.4kph!! Hard to explain how I feel. I think I will spend the begin of the year working on a full video ..”—Thierry Collado

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