SIZES TESTED (M): 9, 12 

SIZES AVAILABLE (M): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ,13, 14,15 



A lighter feel and more fluid feel than ever, the newest Rebel offers aggressive drive and big boosting and hang time for the pedigree of rider that knows how to push the limits. 


The Rebel is one of the longest standing freeride legends and continues as the big boosting, do-it-alll master of the in the formidable Duotone kite lineup. The Rebel has great low end and offers smooth control through gusts. It turns gusts into acceleration with fast pull speed and slick upwind drive. This year the Rebel has the direct drive it’s always been known for but with a slightly lighter, more crisp and fluid feel. With new panels and the elimination of Dacron on the trailing edge makes this year’s Rebel feel lighter and more efficient in the air. The Rebel has always been a great boosting kite with a fast pull speed and explosive lift and the newest incarnation is no exception. With the adaptive tips the Rebel can also alter the depower making it more accessible for the intermediate skill levels with more sheet in and go performance. Smooth power that drives forward with nice pull speed keeps handling well in the kite’s upper wind range. The Rebel performs best for jumps and hang time while fully powered and this kite can be pushed to the limits of the upper wind range. Nice smooth power through the sweeping turns helps the rider with honed skills, get that extra boost on take-off. The Rebel rewards timing and controlled speed and drive with giant lift and glide. More exciting speed, upwind drive and fast and reactive turning are key standout features of this new Rebel. The five strut canopy holds strong through massive gusts and the efficiency and upwind drive of the Rebel is best in class. For those that want extra hang time and glide for fun aerial manoeuvres the Rebel is in a league of its own. 


Not as light and reactive as some three strut kites but boosts and glides with rock solid stability in the upper range. 


Freeriders looking for a kite that can push the limits of boosting but is playful and reactive enough for foil cruising and almost any discipline of riding.