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The Double Agent Foil has some unique characteristics that set it apart as a true freeride foil that can up the fun factor in light winds and advance rider foil skills with great efficiency. Both the wings on this foil are very low aspect and the overall length of the fuselage is also the shortest of any of the foils tested. The result is that the double agent pops up on a plane and cruises beautifully especially at slower speeds. It also has a very carvey and tight turn radius, making it really easy to learn transitions and carving upwind or downwind on the foil. Its compact and skatey feel also lends some performance advantages for carving up the surf and for doing some playful jumps and just using the foil to have the most fun in light wind conditions. It definitely cruises at lower speeds than most of the freeride kite foils. The Double Agent is not going to be the fastest foil out there and it reaches max velocity a bit quicker than some of the others. Overall the Double Agent is a great session saver and a perfect choice for the beginner that wants a user friendly foil that keeps its focus on fun and versatility. 

Double Agent Foil


The Double Agent board was the thinnest of the test and one of the most compact and low volume shapes. It has a directional shape to it with flip nose and a wide squared-off tail. The Double Agent as its name suggests, easily converts to a directional surf skate thanks to its thruster fin set up. The flat deck feels comfortable and with its thin profile you feel very connected to the reactive, lower aspect foil wings beneath you. This board is available in a larger size which might be recommended if you are heavier and want to use it as surf skate, as it will give you a bit more traditional surfboard feel. You can ride the Double Agent with a two or three strap configuration and the full deck pad works well for some strapless action. The thinner PVC rail and the overall shape of the Double Agent board make it really easy to tip the board on its side. This is a great board for learning to get up on a foil board strapless but they are a bit sharp if you accidently land on the side of the board. The thinness and low volume make it a bit harder to plane up and it can dig under the water a bit easier than the higher volume shapes. Overall, the Double Agent is a versatile board that you could use in a pinch for some bump and jump wave bashing. 




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