2015 North Dice Review

Review Synopsis: Direct and responsive handling and pull, smooth-pulling pivots, solid performer for freestyle and waves.

The Good Stuff:

The North Dice has a great blend of performance that can adapt to multiple disciplines and makes for fun and smooth powered riding in any condition. The improvements over last year’s Dice are noticeable with a bit more low-end power and even more to love in the upper wind range. Boosting was improved a bit but it’s the overall handling with direct turn initiation and fluid pull that set the Dice apart from your average 4-line, 3-strut kite. The Dice takes direction from the rider with intuitive pull and prowess. It feels light and nimble but provides good feedback without too much pressure to initiate a fast change in direction or a quick loop. It’s a more nimble, fluid and light feeling kite, with quicker pivotal turns than the more powerful Rebel, but gives ups some of the big boosting and hang time. Unhooked, the Dice remains easy to control and pop and loops with some authority but doesn’t pull away on you. In the waves the Dice drifts and finds itself ready to put you in place or get you out of it when you need it to. It was one of the best responding kites in side-offshore winds even with some hefty OBX current. Overall, a very fun and playful kite to have in any quiver, with applications that will excite the unhooked freestyle rider that wants to Handlepass in the morning and hit the surf in the afternoon.

The Trade Off:

Not as much boost as some of the other models in the North line up, but better applied for unhooked playful pop.

Best For:

Any level of rider that wants a solid performing kite in the waves or in the park.

Sizes Tested: 9,  12m

Sizes Available: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 m