2015 Naish Pivot Review

Review Synopsis: Low-end efficiency, great hang time, with a silky-smooth wave and freeriding prowess.

The Good Stuff:
The Pivot is a Naish’s new four-line, three-strut, kite model that offers smooth and powerful pull with quick depower and fast pivotal turns. Making it ideal for waves and freeride blasting in any condition. It hits the mark as an entry year model with easy sheet-and-go, low-end power that feels smooth and comfortable while driving upwind. The Pivot’s flatter central canopy seems to give it more low-end power and more gliding hang time during jumps than the Park model. The Pivot’s overall direct handling and quick depower make it an ideal wave/freeride blaster that is also a good boosting kite with great stability and balance for down the line drift. It was a standout for smooth pull through its wind range and the low-end get-up-and-go is impressive. The three-strut pivot has more pinched wing tips and swept leading edge than the Park which gives it a more central pivot turn with less acceleration out of the turn than the Park. The Pivot, as its name suggests, powers up instantly and turns smoothly and with steady speeds and nice feedback. It also has quick water relaunch and rolls easily onto its wing tip with some back line pull. The Pivot will be popular for any rider that loves waves and going big.

The Trade Off:
The Pivot loses some comfort in handling when it gets over-powered when compared to the Park and it’s not as comfortable for unhooked tricks, but can suffice with a good length of trimming.

Best For:
Intermediate-to-advanced freeriders that want a smooth pivoting, quick depowering wave kite that is also good for boosting and has great upwind drive and direct feel.

Sizes Tested(m): 12, 10
Sizes Available(m):   5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14