Wednesday, April 17, 2024



The Women: GKA Wave & Strapless Freestyle Tour Mauritius

Patience and training paid off last week after a long wait for high-performance wave competition as the women stepped up at One Eye for...

Firewire MPH

Firewire's Modern Planing Hulls (MPH) are hands down the most fun surf boards to ride with a kite. The controlled speed in surf or...

2015 Naish Pivot Review

Review Synopsis: Low-end efficiency, great hang time, with a silky-smooth wave and freeriding prowess. The Good Stuff: The Pivot is a Naish’s new four-line, three-strut, kite...

Cape Hatteras Wave Classic – Men’s Top 3

2015 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic Men's Results: 1st Kevin Langeree 2nd Reider Decker 3rd Evan Netsch 4th Brandon Cordina 5th James Ropner 5th Mark Miedama 5th Patrick Rebstock 5th Chad Speedy 9th Teddy Lyons 9th...

Getting Barrelled in Cape Hatteras

Ian Alldredge and Josh Mulcoy score some very nice waves in Cape Hatteras.

The Filthy West – Kitesurfing with Ben Wilson, Ian Alldredge in Western Australia

This documentary style feature film from BWSurf is completely different to previous productions. Although they scored some very memorable kitesurfing sessions during the filming,...