What’s the best big air kite in the Duotone kitesurfing range?

Pro rider Liam Whaley puts the 2022 Duotone kites to the test! The Duotone Vegas, Duotone Rebel SLS, Duotone Evo SLS, and Duotone Dice SLS go head-to-head in this big air test! Find the kite that is right for you! Check out this latest mashup video of new Duotone team rider Liam Whaley training and testing out his new Duotone gear during the winter months in Tarifa, Spain. Find out what’s the best big air mega loop kite in the Duotone kitesurfing range.

Additional footage by @Julien Leleu

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Filmmaker: Sebastian Porral

Location: Tarifa, Spain

Episode Partners: @Porsche @DUOTONE Kiteboarding