2019 Hover Glide FSurf Infinity Foil

The Slingshot foil program features an extensive number of wing shapes with different performance characteristics and applications that cross from surf to windsurf and SUP. The FSurf Infinity shows some great refinement in speed, stability and manoeuvrability. The test team was impressed with the next generation feel with smoother acceleration and more comfortable handling and most balanced foot pressure at higher speeds than some of the other large wings. This foil is a carving machine with smooth and powerful arcs and lots of silky control. The large surface area of this Infinity Foil guarantees you can get up in the lightest of winds with the smallest pull and pressure from your kite. Like all the surf wings, it’s best to ride with less power in your kite. The amount of lift and smooth pumping action that the Infinity delivers is matched by smooth carving and surprisingly easy and quick speed. The Fsurf can be pushed to the limits for speed and still remains comfortable and controlled. Although not earmarked as a true kitesurf foil, the Infinity offers some magic for any riding arena whether you’re in the surf or wake or behind a kite. Slingshot also makes some slightly smaller wings than the Infinity 75 that have the same gull wing shape design that might be the ticket if you want something slightly smaller for kite foiling. Overall, the performance of the Infinity 76 shows some significant refinement and shows how foil designs keep getting more efficient, manoeuvrable and have a wider speed range than ever before. 

Interview with designer Tony Logosz.

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