SIZES TESTED (M): 14.5 / SIZES AVAILABLE (M): 12, 14.5, 17 



Amazingly light and responsive, with exceptional low end power and dynamic handling with the added stability and range of a three strut canopy. 


The Flite has been in the Ocean Rodeo lineup for many years and this seventh edition is tweaked and refined for the uncompromised performance over a large wind range. The kite shape and design is unique amongst this light wind category not only for its three strut frame, but also for the unique higher aspect shape with a wide arc canopy. This combo proves to be a winning formula as the Flite is a high performance kite with nice low end grunt without the canopy flutter and turbulence that accompanies every single strut kite. Water relaunch is also impressive, even with its narrow central body, the Flite can reverse relaunch with a pull of the steering lines and its fast pivotal turns ensure its get airborne quickly. Light touch steering, quick turn initiation and smooth consistent pull through the loops make the Flite ideal for performance behind a foil or with any light wind freeride set up. Jumping with the Flite is also impressive with lots of easy lift and hangtime. The test team was impressed with the tight pivotal turns and quick depower of the Flite which was a blast for carving transitions and turns on a big winged foil in sub-10 mile per hour winds. This Flite is a light wind design that works for any rider regardless of skill level or riding style. Any rider looking for the benefit of a light wind kite without the performance drawbacks of a single strut canopy should consider the Flite a top choice. 


With all the large winged foils cruising on smaller kites in moderate winds, it would be nice to see a few more kite sizes in the Flite range. 


Beginner to advanced level riders that want great low end power and handling in a stable and light weight design that has the stability and range provided by a three strut canopy.