Naish Mutant 5’5 Tested

DESIGN FEATURES: The Mutant caters directly to small surf and lighter wind conditions. It’s quick, light and reactive underfoot when you step on the tail, but has the extra width through the mid-section and nose to make the most out of pushing upwind in light wind. The single concave, soft rails and rocker combination make the Mutant smooth-riding and quick-turning on the narrowed out bat tail, available to set up with thruster or quad fins.

FREERIDING/FREESTYLE:  Perfectly playful in flatwater or small waves, the Mutant also rides comfortably in the straps. The narrower tail and thin rails toward the back let you pop and carve the Mutant like a smaller board. It’s well balanced in the air and the wide nose section also catches lots of wind to help with your strapless jumps. Upwind drive is great and there’s very little chatter.

RIDING SURF:  The Mutant had some standout performance traits on some of our lightwind ocean downwinders. It had the power to get out past the surf and was still quick to transition and pull into the break. For a wide board it bites well and doesn’t run away on you when you’re on a small wave. The extra width through the nose lets you get more power out of sloppy surf.

BEST FOR:  User-friendly for any level or rider.

Length: 5’5”
Width: 20.5”
Thickness: 2 .”
Width 6” from tail: 13”
Width 12” from tail: 16”
Width 18” from tail: 18 .”
From tail to max width: 34”
Fin set up: Thruster or Quad