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Spot Check: Witsand, South Africa

If you have made your way down to Cape Town for a summer of consistent South East winds but you are still craving those progressive freestyle sessions then Witsand is the location you desire. Only a short 3-4 hour drive out of the mother city, Witsand offers an uncrowded Brazilian style slick with a great wind.

The Scene: Witsand is a small fishing village up the east coast and the lagoon is part of the river mouth of the Breede river. There are not many locals around here because the town of Witsand is largely occupied by fisherman and retired adults who are looking for a peaceful slice of heaven.

Riding Locations: The river mouth is very wide, maybe 800m at its width but if is the slick in the corner that you will be after. There is also an ocean that can be ridden in if you would like to sample the kickers or ride a few waves.

Where to eat: There is one Superette in the town that stocks the necessities and a restaurant at the harbour which offers great meals and ice cold beers. The restaurant is part of Pili Pili, the backpackers which is run and aimed for kitesurfers.

Conditions (Kiteboarding Gear to bring): The wind can be anything from 14-30 knots so be prepared by bringing all the kites you have available. From personal experience my 12m is my most used kite up there.

Local Knowledge: The wind here is very consistent and smooth, also the water is warmer than Cape Town so boardshort sessions are often possible but a spring suit should be worn otherwise.

Must do: Drink a beer and meet some foreigners at the Pili Pili backpackers!

Getting there: The road is straight forward from Cape Town but I would recommend mapping the route beforehand as to not miss any turn offs.

Accommodations: There is a campsite in the area and there is a backpackers option at Pili Pili resort.


Need to know
Airport Code: CPT
Average wind strength: 16 knots
Best Months: September – April
Cost Factor: Cheap (Rands)

Kyle Cabano is an avid waterman and outdoor enthusiast who likes to spend his time kiting, surfing, and kiting. Kyle is sponsored by Liquid Force Cape Town and BOS sport drink.

VIDEO: Liquid Force Cape Town kiters Kyle Cabano, Jonah Paarman, and James Hatting hit the road in search of butter slicks and blissful breezes in Witsand, South Africa.

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