Tuesday, May 21, 2024

South Africa


Witsand, Breede River | Extreme Kitesurfing in South Africa

Join Jason Van Der Spuy and Luca Ceruti in a 4 part series showcasing their 4 favorite spots to ride. It’s a really awesome project...

Sessions – The Plans Changed

Notorious for extreme weather conditions, we decided to venture toward the southern regions of the Cape Point peninsula, to film a few sessions at...

Top 10 Winter Getaways with Dimitri Maramenides’ 

Dimitri Maramenides has spent over two decades travelling the world’s most spectacular riding locations. Check out what his 10 favorite winter spots are and...

Kevin Langeree Massive Jump Collection!

Kevin Langeree had some on board footage laying around so thought why not make a little edit of it. The results are massively entertaining. Some...

Freeride Project 3… The Movie

This is the third instalment of the #freerideproject movie series! FRP3 As our schedules get more and more hectic as the years go on, it has become...

Spot Check: Witsand, South Africa

If you have made your way down to Cape Town for a summer of consistent South East winds but you are still craving those...

A Day in Cape Town – Tom Court

You know you are traveling to the right place when you can do all the sports that you love. Epic kiteboarding, surfing, downhill long...

Training for King of the Air 2015 with Team Naish

Hawaii's Robby Naish and former AWSI kiteboarder of the year Jesse Richman meet up with Naish international team rider Kevin Langeree in Cape Town,...

ReVolve Part 2 – Aaron Hadlow

Aaron Hadlow in South Africa by Andy Gordon Part 2  

ReVolve Part 1 – Aaron Hadlow

Aaron Hadlow in South Africa by Andy Gordon Part 1